Monday, 19 July 2010

Ozzy Updated Pics

I received some pictures of Ozzy from his breeder, taken yesterday (18th July 2010) He has grown loads since I visited him last, i am pleased with how he is developing, he has a fab shaped head and low set eyes, his ears are well placed but a little large for an F cat, but I'm hoping he will grown into them... He has great structure to his body and a lovely thick tail... His background colour is nice a light and his markings are similar to his F1 mums..

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Little Osbourne at 3 weeks old

This is my soon to be boy Osbourne, Ozzy for Short when he was just 3 weeks old, look at those fab, rounded ears and wild head...

Rudy's Pedigree

Darcy's Pedigree

Shiloh's Pedigree

Registered names of my 4 cats...

Shiloh = Bambino Most Wanted

Darcy = Giradelle Silhouette

Rudy = Malfulah Winns Wonder

Ozzy = Barijka Winston
Getting Excited now and a bit nervous about bringing Ozzy home, I so hope Rudy loves him, and the 2 F2 boys pair off leaving Shiloh and Darcy to pair off.... i dont really mind who pairs off with who as long as none of them are left out, which is the current situation with having 3 of them, 1 gets left out...
Waiting for some more pics from his breeder Frances Peace, she has told me his Pedigree/registered name is Barijka Winston...

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Introducing my 4th Bengal and my 2nd F2 boy..... Ozzy

I have put a deposit down on my 4th Bengal, he is an F2 boy... and cousin to my F2 Rudy.... He is only 10 weeks old now, so i bring him home on the 28th of July... I will be calling him Osbourne and Ozzy or Oz for short..