Monday, 9 August 2010

Ozzy Settled With Me..

9th of August 2010...
Well Oz has been here with me for 2 weeks tomorrow.. He was nervous and shy for the 1st 24 hours, but i spent a week in his isolation room with him, sleeping in there with him, and he came right out of his shell... he is a lil spitfire now... He loves everything, playing, eating, petting, toys, tunnels, he loves it all.... Rudy my other F2 boy adores him too, Shiloh also likes him, but Darcy hates him and hisses at him still, but she did that with Rudy for 3 months, so i am sure she will get over it..

Monday, 19 July 2010

Ozzy Updated Pics

I received some pictures of Ozzy from his breeder, taken yesterday (18th July 2010) He has grown loads since I visited him last, i am pleased with how he is developing, he has a fab shaped head and low set eyes, his ears are well placed but a little large for an F cat, but I'm hoping he will grown into them... He has great structure to his body and a lovely thick tail... His background colour is nice a light and his markings are similar to his F1 mums..

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Little Osbourne at 3 weeks old

This is my soon to be boy Osbourne, Ozzy for Short when he was just 3 weeks old, look at those fab, rounded ears and wild head...

Rudy's Pedigree

Darcy's Pedigree

Shiloh's Pedigree

Registered names of my 4 cats...

Shiloh = Bambino Most Wanted

Darcy = Giradelle Silhouette

Rudy = Malfulah Winns Wonder

Ozzy = Barijka Winston