Monday, 9 August 2010

Ozzy Settled With Me..

9th of August 2010...
Well Oz has been here with me for 2 weeks tomorrow.. He was nervous and shy for the 1st 24 hours, but i spent a week in his isolation room with him, sleeping in there with him, and he came right out of his shell... he is a lil spitfire now... He loves everything, playing, eating, petting, toys, tunnels, he loves it all.... Rudy my other F2 boy adores him too, Shiloh also likes him, but Darcy hates him and hisses at him still, but she did that with Rudy for 3 months, so i am sure she will get over it..


  1. Oh!....Wow!......Oh!....Wow!
    I am lost for words.....Wonderful!
    Two things l love in life...and that's
    Would like to follow, if that's o.k.
    Thankyou......! :0)

  2. Thank you very much, i am very pleased with him, he is a little sweetie, considering he is 25% Asian Leopard Cat....
    Of course you can follow...

    miki xx

  3. Ciao, Buon Giorno. Thanks for that.
    I'm afraid my blog does'nt change that much.
    It's been up and runn'in for 20 months now,
    and has had about 6,000 view'ins. God knows who, probably the FBI.;0)
    Just a thought, l have lots of Pussy-Cats photos in my Drafts.You may like to see a few of them. But l notice you don't publish your E-Mail add., that's o.k.
    If your interested, you can send your E-Mail, privatly,
    They are well worth a peek. Anyway leave it to you............Thanks again.....Oh! and more photos, when poss., Love Them.:)x

  4. Nice pictures. The first picture looks a bit weird though. My female snow marble bengal has a few picture she's got bugged eyes like that as well :)


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