Friday, 19 February 2010

Rudy is being really naughty...

Rudy has discovered its great fun for him to climb my bookshelves in the hallway and to try and swing from the lampshades lol.... He also thinks my books are good for his teeth and so he is enjoying having a good chew on the corners of my books..... lil bugger..


  1. Does he get that little devilish look when he does that?
    My Mazi likes to scratch my PAINTING that my dad made for me over the fire place. He meows real loud and then runs when I go to get him down. He really knows it bothers me. My husband says he never touches it when I am not there.

    I would love to see yours swinging on the lamp.

  2. LOL, Yes they are naughty and they know exactly what they are doing... will try and get pictures of Rudy swinging on lampshade xx