Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Introducing Rudy Roodster my F2 Bengal

Rudy is my 3rd Bengal whi got when he was 15 weeks old, he is an absolute darling, and he is my little shadow.... He adores my other 2 Bengals especially Shiloh.... He purrs like a train and is so affectionate.... He wakes me up my smacking me in the face with his big paws, no claws out though... He is the noisiest of my 3, and has the wildest sound and such a range of sounds too..
His granddad is Asian Leopard cat Matrix of Utaneko, so my boy is a F2 meaning he is 2 generations away from his wild ALC ancestor, so its literally like having a mini leopard in my lounge...
Thank you too Marianne of Malfulah Bengals for this gorgeous boy...

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